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Publications 2005

par redacteur - 8 septembre 2008

P05.2 Baty, H. 2005, On the magnetohydrodynamic stability of current-carrying jets, Astronomy and Astrophysics, v.430, p.9-17

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P05.33 Priest, E. R., Longcope, D. W., & Heyvaerts, J. 2005, Coronal Heating at Separators and Separatrices, Astrophysical Journal, v.624, p.1057-1071

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P05.39 Soria, R., Cropper, M., Pakull, M., Mushotzky, R., & Wu, K. 2005, The star-forming environment of an ultraluminous X-ray source in NGC4559 : an optical study, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, v.356, p.12-28